Can you have your very own Hard Rock Cafe Pin?


About Moose, Pinmaster of Innsbruck

Yes, you can!  When Ernst and his wife visited their first pin event they found out that as a collector you could strive to have your own pin, to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary, visiting all HR locations around the globe or just to celebrate life.  All it takes is to ask and a friendly local HRC manager!

Given Ernst nickname (and username on hobbyDB) the basic idea was quickly generated and drawn by a friendly artist  –


This was then translated into a design sheet  –

And after some back and forth with Hard Rock International HQ here the result  –

This pin celectrates Ernst and Veronika’s 30th Wedding Anniversary!  You can find it here in the database.

2 thoughts on “Can you have your very own Hard Rock Cafe Pin?

  1. An interesting little article. I must admit to have a personal pin issued just for you and the hobby that you have I find really cool. If any of my pin friends possess the skillls necessary to do a design for one of me for Mallorca and is interested I would pursue its production.
    Ian wright
    Pin Master Mallorca cafe, Airport and Rockshop

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