Happy One Year Anniversary HRC Collectors!

Can you believe it’s already been a year! Thousands of new members, 87,279 Hard Rock pins and 120,399 price points later, we’re starting to look pretty good together HRC Collectors. In honor of our anniversary, we wanted to do a quick recap of some of the improvements that were made to hobbyDB in 2019 (thanks to your suggestions) and what will be coming in 2020!

1. New Data

In 2019, our incredible group of volunteers and data team added about 8,000 new Hard Rock items to the database. Besides pins, we also were able to expand to other Hard Rock categories such as magnets, glassware, bears and more! To see all of the newly added Hard Rock items, you can visit the Hard Rock International Page.

2. New Prices 

Unlike the old database, listings on hobbyDB can be useful as price guides. The site automatically records prices for all sales that occur on hobbyDB. The site also has the ability to display prices archived on other external marketplaces. Volunteers have already added 40,399 new price points to the database, which serve to compliment the 80,000 average price points that were brought over from the old database.

3. New Ways of Selling Pins 

There are now more than 12,000 pins in the marketplace and we worked on a number of features such as Best Offer (making your life easier by marking duplicates or other items you don’t really need anymore as Best Offer, no need to think about how much you should charge and keep it up to date!)

4. New Features 

HRC Price Guide
           An example of a Top 10

Search Enhancements

The #1 request was the ability to search by year. Example: Show all Boston pins from 2008. This search feature was implemented in Q4 and we created a video to help show collectors more tips and tricks in terms of hobbyDB search functionality. You can watch the video here.


Your Showcase just keeps getting better and better! We’ve already added new tabs for items for sale and trade, the ability to select your default tab, total collection value (which can be made private), and a breakdown of the top ten most expensive collectibles in your collection.

Marking items for Trade

Collectors can mark their items as available for trade. This year, we’ll be adding the ability to transfer traded pins into users’ collections.

Verified by Pin Master

Pin Masters can now look at their pin listings and publicly confirm that each one is accurate and complete. This process adds the verification date, the Pin Master’s user ID and a link to his or her Showcase, where he or she can be contacted.  Pin Masters verified the first few thousands of pins already.

What is next and how to get in touch

There is much more coming soon, you can see our Roadmap here and we are also open to your suggestions! Contact any of the Pin Masters or the hobbyDB team (there is a contact button on the right of each page).

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