Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City 2016 ‘ANIME GIRL’



This week we spotlight the 2016 Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City ‘ANIME GIRL’ Pin (ID # 91659). This very colorful series was pretty hot in 2016, the design inspired by the ‘Anime’ Japanese Art & Animation, ‘Amine being the Japanese term for ‘Animation’ – a very distinct form of artistic design.
This Global Series feature ‘Anime Girls’ from all the café’s that participated, each positioned & with something that was relative to that location. The series was a ‘Pin on Pin’ design, so it had a 2 dimensional look even though the pin was painted as flat. The HRC Atlantic City design was a LE 200release & a great acquisition for the HRC WORLDWIDE Pin Vault.


At a Glance

She’s a beauty & a vision with her soft pastel colors & jewels, hookah in hand, are you ready to dream she asks ……


Detailed Description

The Pin is a gray smoked based metal, tack back, 3D pin on pin, painted design. The pins design draws it’s inspiration from the Japanese Art & Animation known as ‘Anime’, the HRC Atlantic City design has an Anime Girl in a kimono holding a hookah surrounded by purple orchids. a blue jewel in her black hair & several white jewels within the flowers, the use of pastel colors ties this design all together.


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Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City 2016 ‘ANIME GIRL’

Until next week –remember to always …. LIVE • LOVE • ROCK 😎 ❤️🤘

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