Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City 2016 ‘JERSEY DEVIL’ Pin



This week we spotlight the 2016 Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City ‘JERSEY DEVIL’ Pin (ID# 87449). This 2016 design speaks to the legend of a Southern New Jersey folklore of a mythical creature said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. This beast from the nether region is described as having a horse or goat-like head, but there are many variations. This pin leans toward the “Goat-Like”, “Demon-faced” design & is a great HRC Atlantic City Pin to have in your collection, acquired for the HRC WORLDWIDE Pin Vault on one of our many trips to the Atlantic City Café.


Until next week –remember to always …. LIVE • LOVE • ROCK 😎 ❤️🤘


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Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City 2016 ‘JERSEY DEVIL’ Pin

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One thought on “Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City 2016 ‘JERSEY DEVIL’ Pin

  1. Good evening! After searching everywhere for this pin, you seem to be the only one that has a picture of it online! I work at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlantic City and a coworker and close friend of mine actually designed this pin! Unfortunately his book bag was taken one night over this past summer and he’s never seen the pin again, nor has he been able to find a replacement. For the holidays I was looking to gift it to him if I could find one. I was wondering if I could make an offer to you. If so please reach back out! Also would love to take care of you the next time you visit Atlantic City.

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