Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood at Universal City Walk ‘VOODOO DOLL’ Pin


This week’s installment features the 2018 Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood at Universal CityWalk ‘VOO-DOO DOLL’ Pin (ID# 100268). The Pin was acquired on a recent trip to the LA/Hollywood area & is an very “spooky” 💀yet welcome pin for the HRC WORLDWIDE Pin Vault.


At a Glance

The Pin’s design dabbles in the occult, or does it? Granted the design is that of a Voodoo Doll, but it just so happens that right across the walkway at the UCW Hard Rock is the Voodoo Donut Shop, could this pin be a not so subtle nod to some of most scrumptious donuts in the area? Well we’re not sure, but we feel that this could be a little tribute to the UCW Café’s neighbor, a sort of “wink & a nod” design.

But one thing is for sure, it’s a great design & one of the more unique pins to be released in this age of the “rehashed” design we happen to be seeing way to often these days.


Detailed Description

The pin is a smoked black based metal, tack back, painted design – pin’s design is a Voodoo Doll in the classic sense, plain & simple. Tan doll with stitch marks all around the entire design, a large blue button for the right eye & an army green button for the left eye, mouth is an army green stitched thread. A clump of yellow hair has been stitched to the dolls head with orange thread. Doll has a red heart stitched on its chest with a pin stuck into it, two other pins, one on the arm close to the shoulder & one on the leg are also part of the “Voodoo Ritual” on display. The Hard Rock Café Logo sits at the base of the pin justified to the right with the location “HOLLYWOOD’ written in the typical semi-circle format along the bottom of the Logo. Pin was a LE 300 release.



Until next week –remember to always …

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