Hard Rock Cafe Madrid 2017 ‘LADY OF ELCHE’



This week we spotlight the 2017 Hard Rock Cafe Madrid ‘LADY OF ELCHE’ Pin (ID # 96607). This pin’s design pays tribute to the ancient polychrome bust discovered in 1897 on a private estate at La Alcudia, Spain. This mysterious artifact depicts the head of a woman & has stirred debates about who she is – is she the goddess of Carthage, called Tanit?, the goddess of Atlantis, or maybe she was some sort of priestess, or maybe just a simple Iberian from ancient times. The pin is a fairly good depiction of the actual ancient bust with the exception of the face, the actual bust has the woman’s face a little slenderer than the pins representation. These types of pin designs are exactly what we like & look to acquire for the HRC WORLDWIDE Pin Vault. 😎🤘


At a Glance

A great pin find for all you Pin Collecting Archaeologists out – giving Indiana Jones a run for his money.

Detailed Description

Pin is a solid muted silver base metal, tack back, unpainted design. Pin made to resemble the ancient Spanish artifact known as ‘LADY OF ELCHE’. The pin is a solid Silver color with a sort of hammered metal finish. The Hard Rock Café logo sits at the base of the pin, the location ‘MADRID’ written underneath the logo in the typical semicircle format. The Pin’s backer card UPC label has the pin named ‘LADY OF LECHE’ (Leche, Spanish for the word milk), an obvious mistake, someone was clearly not paying attention. This was a core release.


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Hard Rock Cafe Madrid 2017 ‘LADY OF ELCHE’

Until next week –remember to always …. LIVE • LOVE • ROCK 😎 ❤️🤘

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