Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik 2016 ‘3D VIKING SKULL GUITAR’



This week we transport you to ‘Valhalla’ to spotlight the 2016 Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik ‘3D VIKING SKULL GUITAR’ (ID # 91869). Like a lot of the pin designs out of the HRC Reykjavik this bronze masterpiece harkens back to the days of Nordic dominance, you can envision this pin being mounted on the prow of a Viking Longship to instill fear in the enemy. Just a great design & acquisition for the HRC WORLDWIDE Pin Vault. We have to extend our thanks to ‘Uncle Hard Rock’ Michael Comer who was able to convince the HRC Reykjavik Café to pull this from their mounted Café Pin display so we could spotlight it here, also a special thanks to our friend & HRC Reykjavik Retail Manager Anikó Volentics for letting this beauty cross the seas to the HRC WORLDWIDE Fortress.


At a Glance

The Pin’s design pays tribute to the Nordic Warriors of days past, invading & conquering the world – “WE ARE VIKINGS!!” 😔🤘


Detailed Description

The Pin is a bronze based metal, tack back, unpainted 3D design. A Bearded Viking Skull wearing a Dietrich Spangen-Helmet, the head of the Viking Skull is the body of the guitar, 2 swords are criss-crossed behind the skull creating a sort of ‘Viking Crest’. The Hard Rock Café Logo sits just below the guitar headstock, the location ‘REYKJAVIK’ written in the customary semi-circle format underneath the HRC Logo.


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Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik 2016 ‘3D VIKING SKULL GUITAR’

Until next week –remember to always …. LIVE • LOVE • ROCK 😎 ❤️🤘

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