Hard Rock Cafe St. Petersburg 2018 ‘Grand Opening VIP’ Pin


This week’s featured Pin is the 2018 Hard Rock Cafe St. Petersburg ‘Grand Opening VIP’ Pin. A very ‘regal’ looking pin, nicely designed in its golden presentation. The Pin was acquired thru trade & an awesome addition to the HRC WORLDWIDE Pin Vault’s International Pin Collection.

At a Glance

The Pin Itself is a work of art, something to be presented to visiting Hard Rock Dignitaries, or a VIP. A great pin to add to any collection if you can acquire it.


Detailed Description

The Pin is a gold-based metal, tack back, 3D styled, painted design. Pin has a unique design though the elements displayed have been part of other Pin designs – The Pin is a Shield with a 5 point crown, each tip of the points has a “ruby-like” jewel, the Shield is flanked by a pair of spread golden wings, the year ‘2018’ sits across the base of the crown, the shield itself has 3 horizontal colors from top to bottom, top is white, middle is blue & red at it’s base. Two cross-cross gold guitars placed at the top of the shield on the white section – ‘VIP’ in gold sits in the blue section bordered by two gold stars. A golden banner ribbon is draped across the entire base of the pin – in the center is ‘GRAND OPENING’ the pin’s base is the Hard Rock Café Logo in gold the location ‘ST. PETERSBURG’ written in the typical semi-circled style along the bottom of the logo.


Click link below to view Hobby DB Pin Catalog Entry:
Hard Rock Cafe St. Petersburg 2018 ‘Grand Opening VIP’ Pin

Until next week –remember to always …. LIVE • LOVE • ROCK 😎 ❤️🤘

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