Hard Rock Hotel San Diego 2016 ‘BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN’ Pin


This week’s featured Pin is the 2016 Hard Rock Hotel San Diego ‘BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN’ Pin (ID# 90294). This Pin was chosen this week because of our upcoming “Ghoulish Holiday” Halloween, a great pin to spotlight this time of year & part of a 4 Pin Localized Series (see below for the other 3 Pin ID#’s). This Pin & the Set it’s part of was acquired thru trade & is an awesome addition the HRC WORLDWIDE Vault’s Horror Collection – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


At a Glance

This is one Bride you DO NOT want to leave at the altar, this “green with envy, put together female” (literally put together) is dressed in white & ready to tie the knot – or die trying …. but wait, she’s already dead – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Detailed Description

The Pin is a copper-based metal, tack back, painted design. This Pin is part of a Localized “Horror Series” – known as ‘THE BRIDE OF’ Series, released by both the San Diego Café & Hotel – 2 Pin Designs for the Café & 2 Pin Designs for the Hotel. This ‘BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN’ is 1 of the Hotel Releases – The Frankenstein Bride standing with her green complexion, signature white streak in her jet-black hair, posing in her white wedding dress, a few well-placed stitches & bandages tie this lady’s get up together (literally). A couple of drips of blood rolling down her mouth while she pulls on her veil, we would have to imagine all this is to get our boy “Frankie” all hot & bothered. The Hard Rock Hotel Logo is placed at the base of the Brides feet – The location “SAN DIEGO’ written in the typical semi-circle format underneath the Logo. The year ‘2016’ is written on the right-side bottom of her veil. This was a LE 300 release & was released to coincide with the 20165 ComicCon Event that happens every year in San Diego.
Other Pins in this ‘BRIDE OF’ Series: ID#’s 90292, 90293, 90295,


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Hard Rock Hotel San Diego ‘BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN’ Pin

Until next week –remember to always …. LIVE • LOVE • ROCK 😎 ❤️🤘

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