Hard Rock Park Myrtle Beach 2008 ‘USA FLAG GUITAR’ Pin


This week’s featured Pin is the 2008 Hard Rock Park Myrtle Beach ‘USA FLAG GUITAR’ Pin. This was the one of a bunch of pins purchased when visiting the Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach in 2008, The Park itself was amazing, but just never really got off the ground. There’s a lot of speculation on why the Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach never lived up to its potential – Location, Management, poor planning, lack of attendance – whatever the reason was it still was a pity to see it close – just a great place to visit, we really think that if it was there today it would be wildly successful, but we’ll never know. It was a real ROCKIN’ time when visiting & all the pins we’ve acquired both during our visit & subsequently thru trades & online purchases are part of our most cherished pins in the HRC WORLDWIDE Pin Vault


At a Glance

This Hard Rock Park Pin screams ‘Stars & Stripes’ with it’s American Flag Guitar Body, its so patriotic you find yourself looking up to the sky for fireworks – 🙂


Detailed Description

The Pin is a silver-based metal, tack back, painted design. It’s an Acoustic Guitar with the guitar’s body designed as an American Flag. The Pin has a very shimmering finish, which adds to the ‘Patriotic Design’. The Hard Rock Park Logo sits directly underneath the guitar headstock in its typical turquoise color, the year ‘2008’ written vertically down the neck of the guitar. We believe this was one of many ‘core’ designed pins available at the Park. The one thing the Hard Rock Park wasn’t lacking was Pin Designs – for the short amount of time open the original run of designs was pretty large.


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Hard Rock Park ‘USA FLAG GUITAR’ Pin

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