Hard Rock Pin Collector Showcase – Meet Blossomgirl!

In December of 2018, the new home of the Hard Rock Pin Catalog launched bringing lots of new features. One of the most helpful new features is the live price guide which is consistently being updated and maintained by hobbyDB Curators. One Pin Master, Leslie Dorman AKA Blossomgirl, jumped right up to the task of learning the pricing tool and has helped assign prices to nearly 2,700 pins to date. We’re excited to introduce you to Leslie in our second Hard Rock Pin Collector Showcase. Here’s a little about Leslie and her collection.

1. When did you start collecting and what did you first collect?
This is my story short and sweet. I believe I’ve been collecting for about 20 years or so. My husband Phil and I would stop at cafes along our journeys and pick up a pin or two. I got the real collecting bug when the Detroit Hard Rock Café opened.


I quickly got involved in submitting the newly released pins and attending the monthly pin meetings.  I enjoyed meeting all the collectors, trading, selling pins, and becoming good friends. I also coordinated the yearly December Charity Meeting benefiting Toys For Tots. My interest in pin collecting has changed over the years from collecting everything and anything to specific types of pins now.  I love Military pins, Police, and Firefighter.

I love anything with a peace symbol on it, flip flops and hippie vans.  I have collected a few series but only the US and Canada pins within that series.   I have just recently started collecting the guitar bottle opener magnets and have been working on obtaining a classic logo pin from every location.

2. What has been your favorite festival, event or visit related to your collection?

I am not the world traveler and I attend Hard Rock Events when I can.  I have visited 56 locations including Canada and Mexico and have enjoyed all the events. Memphis took us on a walking tour of all the spots that claim to be haunted. Also toured the Gibson Guitar Factory.  Washington DC offered a boat trip on the Potomac and of course the historic sites to visit in DC make it a great event to attend.

3. What else do you collect besides Hard Rock Pins?

I have a few Hard Rock bears, shot glasses and café items.  Outside of Hard Rock I collect the Boyd’s Bears figurines and limited-edition plush bears (watch for those on hobbyDB soon).  

I love to crochet and sew blankets, I love crafting of all kinds. I am also an avid Nascar and Indy Car fan.  Phil and I have been volunteers for the Detroit Grand Prix for over 20 years. Life is good! Love my husband, my dog and of course my award winning 2006 Mustang GT!

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