Our Man in Anchorage

Bruce is big into collecting Anchors… on pins.  Here some of his pins on a large stretched frame with sailcloth  –


He got the sailcloth in Maine and his partner-in-crime sewed it to the frame. So far about half my anchor related pins on there with a large amount waiting to be added as it apparently really tough cloth to put pins through!

Other pins get stored in an antique watch makers case  –


It has fiberboard on spray glued black felt to the boards. That way Bruce is able to just punch pins into the board.  He keeps the backs in a little HRC bag. This case now houses every Anchorage pin sold, a few prototypes and some oddball Anchorage pins.

Other pins go into his large Map Chest  –

That way Bruce can buy pins for a few years to come.  Luck helped – his friend’s dad was an architect and decided to downsize. The chest was going to be donated or trashed!

When not buying, sorting or trading pins there is always food!  And here with some of the other Anchorage collectors  –

Staring in the front with the blue T-Shirt Daniel, Andreas, Hannah, Sandra and Julien (family visiting from Germany), Bruce sticking his head up, Carolyn and Lester.

Here is the page on the Anchorage location that Bruce and Eddie Dorman maintain.

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