What do Pin Masters do?

1. Ensure that their pin catalog locations on hobbyDB are as accurate and updated as possible.

2. Publish newly released pins for their locations within two weeks of release dates. This window provides needed flexibility for vacation, workload, illness and other important life events. It’s a hobby. 😊

3. Network with staff or fellow collectors as needed to get photos and information for timely entry, especially if the PM is not local. Ideally, the PM builds a simple and quick relationship, where each time a new pin arrives, a key staff partner sends the PM photos (front and back), quantity (if applicable), release date and retail price. Sending a quick check-in message monthly may also be helpful.

4. Avoid waiting for others to publish pins for them.

5. Feel free to enter pins for other locations, especially those that do not yet have a PM.

6. Review new entries for their locations that others have submitted, in order to ensure accuracy, completeness and alignment with catalog standards.

7. Follow the agreed Standards for Hard Rock series, names and other elements to ensure a consistent experience for database users (and surface any concerns to PM Advisory Board).

8. Check the Pin Masters group on Facebook (invite only)at least weekly to help stay informed on current events, detailed standards and other best practices.