What does it mean to be a Hard Rock Café shot collector?


Guest Article by Denise Black (demiroff)

Well… there’s a lot of camaraderie.  Shot glass collecting usually starts out with some sort of taste tasting like Tequila, Fireball, well too many to list really…   And then you take the glassware home!   So unlike some other collectibles, the shot glass can serve a dual purpose:  “test drive” the usefulness at the Café, then buy one in the store!

Anyway, if you’re just starting out, it’s important to note that a HRC shot collection can get really big.  There are a lot of cafes; there are a number of designs (logo, city tee, event, anniversary and special editions), a few different logos (Café, Hotel, Casino) as well as a variety of shapes and sizes.

So a collection can get pretty big and fairly colorful!

But back to the camaraderie though! The shot collector group is a great bunch of people who have a drinking problem.  Sorry, that came out wrong.  A great bunch of people!   We help each other get shot glasses from various cafes – sell or trade!  We can help with knowledge of the collection and we are always up for a meetup at the Cafés (you thought I was going to say drink, didn’t you?).   We are a fountain of knowledge about the various designs, how to display them, how to store them, how to ship them and yes, how to move a large quantity of them (bubble wrap is a friend!).

If you’re looking to start collecting, the first thing to decide is what to collect.  All of them?  Just logos?  Or only cafes you’ve personally visited?  There are so many to pursue so it’s good to have a plan.  Consider making connections with other collectors and pick up extras to sell or trade – particularly if you travel to more unique locations.  Ulaanbaatar anyone?  This collection is always growing and there are new Cafes opening all the time.  This hobby can really provide the opportunity to travel if you want to visit each Café too.  And have a drink – let the shot glass serves its purpose from time to time… just not the one you put on display, cuz that’s a collectible!


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